Adding an email shortcut

Create a shortcut to easily be able to access the easy scan function on your Brother multifunction device


2. From the home screen select Shortcuts button located at the bottom of screen 

3. Select a blank + to create a shortcut

4. Select the Scan option

5. Select Option applicable to you option

Select the option that's applicable to your setup,

Scan to Email - Easy Scan 

Scan to Email Server 

6. Select the option [Address Book] 

7. Select the email addresses you'd like to add as a shortcut

8. This will return you back the option to add another email address repeat or select OK

9.  You'll be able to adjust the default scan settings if needed by selecting Options or if not needed select Shortcuts 

10. To Save as Shortcut select OK

11. Name your scan to email shortcut and select OK

12. Select OK again

13. Go back to the home screen

13. Load the documents you want to scan in the document feeder (ADF) or onto the scanning glass

14. Select Shortcuts 

15. Select the shortcut that you created 

16. Select OK 

17. Select Start

18. The document should scan and be sent to your email