Changing Consumables - HP

How to change consumables in your HP printer or MFD.

A3 machines 

Replace toner 

  1. Open the front door
  2. Grab the handle on the toner cartridge and slide it out of the printer
  3. Dispose of the toner cartridge
  4. - Place the new cartridge on a flat surface with the contacts facing down.
  5. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging and rotate it until the contacts are facing up.
  6. Pull the red tape to remove it from the cartridge.
  7. Hold the new cartridge horizontally and shake it from side to side six times to evenly distribute the toner.
  8. Slide the new cartridge into its slot in the printer.
  9. Close the front door and resume printing.

Replace the waste toner or toner collection

  1. Remove the new toner collection unit from the packaging
  2. Set aside plugs and plastic bag
  3. Set the new part aside on a level surface and make sure the toner opening are facing up
  4. Open the front cover of your printer
  5. Press the release tabs of the toner collection unit on the left and right sides
    1. Do not tilt or tip the old unit during movement
  6. Place the plugs from the new unit into the old unt and place the old unit in the plastic bag, sealing the bag for disposal
  7. Place the new toner unit into place until you hear clicks from the clips

Replace the developing kit 

  1. Cover your hard surface with a piece of protective plastic.
  2. Turn power off and disconnect device.
  3. Open the front door.
  4. Release the toner collection unit and remove.
  5. Turn the toner cartridge latch located at the bottom left.
  6. Pull down and release the plastic hose located at top of each toner unit.
  7. Locate the two screws to the right of the plastic hose and unscrew.
  8. Pull part holding toner in place out.
  9. Pull toner out and discard this.
  10. Open new toner cartridge from package.
  11. Remove all plastic and tape protectors.
  12. Remove tape located at each end and remove the plastic cap on the far right end.
  13. Locate the five tabs along the side and pull up.
  14. Open the toner.
  15. Squeeze the ink bag thoroughly, and when ready cut the corner.
  16. Refill the cartridge with ink dust.
  17. Clean any spilled residue.
  18. Close the cartridge.
  19. Discard of any trash carefully.