Changing Consumables - Konica Minolta & Develop - A3 Colour MFDs

How to change consumables in your Konica Minolta or Develop A3 MFD.

This article applies to the following Models:

  • Develop ineo+ 258, 308, 368 - 458, 558, 658, 759
  • Konica MInolta BizHub C258, C308, C368 - C458, C558, C658, C750i
  • Konica Minolta Colour iSeries C250i,C300i, C360i, C450i, C550i, C650i, C750i
  • Konica Minolta Mono iSeries 300i, 360i, 450i, 550i, 650i, 750i

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Changing Toner

  1. Open toner door
  2. Rotate the toner cartridge to the left and dispose of this
  3. Unpackage the new toner and shake gently to loosen the toner
  4. Align the arrow to the top of the slot, insert the toner cartridge and rotate to the right
  5. Close the toner door


Changing the waste toner box

  1. Open the lower front door
  2. Push two blue containing clips outward
  3. Remove the waste toner box
  4. Remove new waster toner box from packaging
  5. Use the caps from the new box to seal the opening on the old box, and dispose of the old box
  6. Insert the new waste toner box by pushing it into the slot until the clips click into place
  7. Close the front door

Changing the drum unit

  1. Open the lower front door
  2. Push two blue containing clips outward and remove the waste toner box
  3. Unlock the drum unit by rotating the bottom clip downward
  4. Remove the drum unit and dispose of the old unit
  5. Take the new drum unit out of the bag and remove the light sheet
  6. Insert the drum unit until it clicks into place
  7. Lock the drum unit
  8. Take the cleaning rod out of its holder, and inserting it into the cleaning slot for each drum unit, pulling this back and forth to clean each drum unit
  9. Place the cleaning rod back in place and close the lower front door 

Drum units are sensitive to light so only remove the new unit from its packaging when you are ready to insert this.


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