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6 Signs It's Time to Change Your Managed Print Services (MPS) Provider

A large stack of unused printers piled haphazardly on top of each other, symbolizing excess and redundancy in office equipment.

Your managed print service (MPS) provider should be making your printing so easy that you don't even need to think about it.

Even with today's rapid digitalization of various business operations, printing still holds significant importance in many industries. Think about it, while we've made significant progress towards going paperless, the need for physical copies of certain documents - whether it's for legal matters, keeping records, creating marketing materials, or even daily operational tasks - remains pertinent.

An ideal managed print service should make your life and printing as automated as possible, enabling you to focus on your work and be able to print whenever you need, hassle-free.

But, not all MPS providers are created equal. Some may leave you grappling with persistent issues, instead of delivering the smooth service you need. So, how do you know when it's time to switch your MPS provider? Here are six signs that suggest it might be time for a change.

Sign #1: Difficulties with Printing and Scanning

Printing and scanning should be straightforward processes. It needs to be as simple as clicking the print icon and collecting your prints from your chosen printer. However, if this is not your reality, you may find the following situations all too familiar:

  • Your printers aren't connected to your network, forcing you to use one device to print from our plug-in via USB
  • You can't print to any device, in any of your offices with ease
  • You've got mountains of "ghost prints" sitting unclaimed on your printer - a potential privacy issue waiting to happen
  • You can't easily send scans to your email or cloud-storage system like OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive.

If your printers aren't set up with flexibility and convenience in mind, and if you're finding yourself frustrated every time you need to use a printer, then it may be time to look elsewhere.


Sign #2: Frequently running out of toner or having to manually order consumables

Imagine running out of toner when you're trying to print a new customer's contract to sign up for a big sale. You can bet that IT is going to cop an earful from the Sales Manager about that! The reality is that running out of toner can disrupt essential parts of your business and you need to keep your consumables stocked and ready to go. But your IT or admin team shouldn't have to keep track of toner levels and manually order toner.

In an era of automation and convenience, manually ordering toner can be a time-consuming task that your staff shouldn't be burdened with. An efficient MPS provider should offer automated toner replenishment, alerting them when your toner supply is low and sending replacement consumables before you run out. If you're still stuck doing it manually or constantly running out, it could be a sign that it's time for a switch.

Sign #3: Slow Response to Printer Errors

Even with the best printers in the world, it's inevitable that you'll have an issue sooner or later. However, a slow response to these issues can disrupt your business and sometimes stop critical processes. Your MPS provider should offer prompt and efficient solutions to minimise downtime. If they're consistently slow to respond, it might be time to reevaluate your provider.

Consider a scenario where your business ships goods to customers, and your printers are crucial to printing packing slips and delivery notes. If a printer error occurs and your MPS provider takes days to respond, it could mean missed deadlines and lost revenue. Prompt and efficient solutions to printer errors are non-negotiable in such cases.


Sign #4: Misalignment with IT Strategy and Digital Transformation Goals

Your MPS provider should be more than just a vendor; they should be a partner in your digital transformation journey. This includes helping you move towards a paperless office and removing print servers. If your provider isn't supporting these initiatives, it might be a sign that you need a provider more aligned with your IT strategy.

If you're a company aiming to transition to a paperless office as part of your digital transformation strategy, but your MPS provider continues to suggest print-heavy solutions, there's a clear misalignment. A good MPS provider should support your goals and help you identify ways to reduce dependence on physical prints.


Sign #5: Overselling Underutilized Devices

Having underutilized print devices can lead to unnecessary expenditure for your business. A good MPS provider should optimize device usage and recommend the right equipment based on your specific needs. If your provider is overselling devices without considering your current usage, it's likely time for a change.

Suppose you're a small business with modest printing needs, but your MPS provider keeps pushing for high-end, expensive devices. Over time, you realize these devices are underutilized and draining your resources. A good MPS provider would analyze your needs and recommend devices that are just right for you, not the most expensive ones.

If you're looking to confirm whether this applies to you, ask yourself:

  • Have you reduced your printer fleet and costs since the normalisation of hybrid work since COVID?
  • Are you still locked into minimum print volumes that you never use?
  • Are you using all the features of your devices or would a simpler device still work just as well?
  • Is your MPS provider helping you reduce costs by optimizing device usage and recommending equipment based on your specific needs?


Sign #6: Lack of Transparency and Communication

Transparency and clear communication are crucial in any business relationship, including with your MPS provider. Misunderstandings and dissatisfaction can arise when there's a lack of clarity about costs, services, or expectations. If your provider falls short in this area, consider looking for one who values open and honest communication.

Considering a Switch? Choosing the Right MPS Provider for Your Business Needs

Remember, an effective MPS provider should make your operations smoother, not more challenging. While switching MPS providers may seem daunting, enduring poor service can have a detrimental impact on your business operations.

If you're currently facing any of these signs, feel free to contact us for a quick chat. We're here to help streamline your print management process and ensure you get the most out of your MPS provider.