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Uncover and mitigate cybersecurity risks with full-scale penetration testing

Mitigate cyber threats, and close the gaps in your cybersecurity with a modern approach to penetration testing that automates and simplifies your pen testing process.


A modern approach to penetration testing

You can have market-leading cybersecurity solutions in place, but it's the things you're unaware of that can hurt you the most.

Enabl's modern Penetration Testing helps you uncover the gaps in your cyber defences and close them before they result in a data breach. Our Penetration Testing is a full-scale service that utilises an array of information discovery, exploitation, password cracking and penetration tools to deliver comprehensive White Box and Black Box Penetration Testing.

Many businesses see Penetration Testing as an expensive, compliance-related tickbox they need to check, often opting for a once-a-year test. We're flipping this on its head, with our Penetration Testing service helping businesses perform regular, ongoing Penetration Testing at any time, for a cost that's often less than the one-off test. You'll also receive real-time reports, preliminary findings, and notifications through our live portal.


Traditional Penetration Testing

  • One and done - point in time assessment of cybersecurity strength.
  • Long turnaround time - reports and other deliverables have longer turnaround time (approx. 2 weeks on average)
  • Charges for subsequent tests - assessing the impact of any remediation efforts may require additional paid tests
  • Varied methodologies - penetration methodology executed may vary consultant-to-consultant based on experience and memory

Our Modern Pen Testing Service

  • On-going penetration testing - access regular penetration testing with up-to-the-minute risk identification
  • Real-time live dashboard - access live reporting data, identified threats and notifications on any risks through our customer portal
  • Free re-test post remediation - we'll re-test your security post-remediation and provide insights on the impact of the changes made.
  • Compliance with frameworks - pen testing taks based on MITRE attack framework and internally built framework by OSCP and OSCE certified consultants

The growing importance of penetration testing


Time taken to exploit 1 in 5 critical vulnerabilities
(Source: ASD)


Of organisations tested had at least one medium, important or critical vulnerability
(Source: Vaadata)


Of successful perimeter breaches were achieved using vulnerable web applications
(Source: Kaspersky)


Average cost of a data breach in Australia
(Source: IBM)


Of Australian businesses have reached Essentail 8 Maturity Level 2
(Source: ACSC)


Of organisations had more than one data breach in 2022
(Source: IBM)

Our penetration testing services

White Box

White Box penetration testing provides the tester full, open access to your system's source code,  network architecture and other key documentation. The tester takes an inside-out approach to identifying vulnerabilities.

We'll comb through large volumes of data and documentation for vulnerabilities, analyse source code, debug software and use a range of tools to minimise the chance of missing a vulnerability. 

Our White Box Penetration Testing includes:

  • Informational gathering
  • Vulnerability discovery and validation
  • Exploitation and post-exploitation

Black Box

Black Box penetration testing sees the tester assuming the role of a cybercriminal with limited knowledge of the targeted system. The tester lacks detailed internal information like architecture diagrams or source code. 

Acting as an external threat, we'll look to find vulnerabilities from outside the network, simulating common techniques used by cybercriminals in an attempt to breach the system.

Our Black Box Penetration Testing includes:

  • User profiling and reputational threat analysis
  • Informational gathering
  • Vulnerability discovery and validation
  • Exploitation and post-exploitation 

Post-Test Remediation

What do you do once we've identified a vulnerability? Our penetration testing services include recommended remediation strategies and a remediation roadmap. All the information you need to close the gaps in your defences.

We can even execute these remediation strategies on your behalf, saving you time and providing peace of mind that any vulnerabilities have been taken care of.

Uncover your cybersecurity vulnerabilities in real-time

How long did you wait for a report and remediation the last time you performed a penetration test? Were vulnerabilities left for days while your provider completed their testing?

Our modern penetration testing service gives you access to a sophisticated online portal to manage and view the results of your penetration tests. You can take control of your vulnerabilities quicker and with less back-and-forth communication.

Run tests regularly

Conduct full-scale penetration testing at regular intervals with ease. Don't get stuck waiting around for someone to respond to you, access vulnerability reports when you need them.

Real-time notifications

Stay informed throughout the entire penetration testing process. Receive high-priority notifcations of any vulnerabilities found.

Actionable reporting at your fingertips

Access real-time reports that provide key details on any risks and vulnerabilities. Determine how risks may affect your business, where you compare to your peers, any changes from prior assessments, and recommended remediations for any vulnerabilities. 
Pen Test Dashboard s


What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, often referred to as pen testing, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. It's vital for businesses because it helps prevent data breaches by identifying and allowing you to address security weaknesses before they're exploited by malicious attackers.

How often should penetration testing be performed?

What is the difference between white and black hat penetration testing?

How long does penetration testing take?

How much does penetration testing cost?

Identify your vulnerabilities

Need to find and resolve your cybersecurity vulnerabilities? Let's talk.