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9 Benefits Of Moving To Serverless Printing

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Your business no longer needs print servers.


The real game changer in the world of printing isn't a new speed or feature that no one will ever use, it's serverless printing (or cloud printing). Serverless printing is a true SaaS platform that manages your print environment without needing a dedicated print server. It uses the cloud to handle print jobs and printer queue management. You can eliminate on-site print servers and the time spent maintaining them, and ensure your users can print to any of your printers at any location. All they need is an internet connection.

We've recently published an article on Why Your Business Should Ditch Your Print Servers. On-site print servers are a massive headache due to their single point of failure, slow print processing, and the cost and time required to maintain them.

But why should you use serverless printing? Here are the top 9 benefits of making the move.

Benefits of Serverless Printing

1. An easier printing experience for all your staff

Our employees are more mobile than ever and need to print from wherever they're working. Serverless print enables your staff to easily print from any of your office locations with ease. With access to a self-serve install portal and automatic software and driver updates, they no longer need to wait around for IT to help them print.

2. Reduce Cost

One of the most compelling benefits of serverless printing is the significant cost reduction it offers. By eliminating the need to purchase and maintain server hardware, you can avoid substantial capital expenditures on equipment. Instead, they can embrace a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based serverless print solution, which not only lowers up-front costs but also provides a more predictable and manageable cash flow.

3. Serverless print is easily scalable

As a SaaS model, serverless printing can be easily scaled with your business as you bring on new staff, open new locations, or scale down your print requirement. You won't be stuck with hardware that you no longer need and can ensure you are only paying for what you need when it comes to print management.

4. Implement print controls

You can easily implement user restrictions, such as limiting colour printing to specific staff members or departments, and reducing unnecessary printing expenses. You can easily ensure that your printing policies are effectively enforced while still providing employees with a seamless printing experience.

5. Reduce printer downtime

If your ability to print goes down, how does it impact your business? Sure, you're employees may lose productivity and get frustrated, but it could also stop entire processes within your business. An on-site print server is a single point of failure, and if it goes down, so does printing across all your business locations. Serverless print greatly reduces the risk of downtime. All you need is an internet connection and you can print stress-free.

6. Reduce the time your IT team spend on print management

By eliminating the need for traditional print server management, IT teams can devote less time to maintenance tasks and instead focus their efforts on more strategic and growth-oriented projects. Highly skilled IT professionals are better utilised on projects that transform your business. When included in a managed print service, serverless print ensures that that can eliminate the time spent maintaining and supporting print servers entirely.

7. Faster Printing

Unlike traditional setups where print jobs must travel from the device to the print server and back to the printer, serverless printing enables direct communication between the device and the printer, resulting in nearly instantaneous printing. With less time spent waiting for print jobs to process and print, your staff can spend more time focused, happy and productive.

8. Enhance printer security

With serverless printing solutions, firmware and patches are consistently kept up-to-date, ensuring that your organization's print infrastructure remains protected against potential vulnerabilities and cyber threats. This proactive approach to security safeguards sensitive data and contributes to maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations.

9. Align your print environment to your IT strategy

Why would you want to move your IT infrastructure to the cloud and adopt SaaS across your business... but keep your on-site print servers? Serverless printing helps you eliminate that last piece of hardware in your server room and aligns with a shift towards cloud-based IT infrastructure and operating expense purchasing that is the norm across the rest of your business.


Want to learn more about serverless printing?

Serverless print offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable alternative to traditional print server management. With printing becoming much easier for your staff and your IT team, you'll be able to focus on what matters most, growing your business.

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