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A Better Way to Procure IT Hardware: Workplace Technology as a Service

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For many years, procurement of workplace technology hasn't changed too much. Most businesses buy IT hardware for cash either directly via their MSP. However, this traditional method of procurement comes with a few challenges. These include:

  1. Capital expense & cash flow management
  2. Hours spent procuring, running up and installing new hardware
  3. Support and management is a never-ending time sink
  4. It's a low priority for you and your MSP and doesn't align with the rest of your technology strategy

So, if buying hardware for cash and maintaining it via the traditional channels isn't ideal, how can you change this to align with your current IT strategy?

Say hello to Workplace Technology as a Service.

What is Workplace Technology as a Service (WTaaS)?

Workplace Technology as a Service (WTaaS) is a service model that allows you to procure IT hardware, plus associated services and software, on a subscription basis. It provides the necessary hardware and handles delivery, installation, configuration, support services and more.

WTaaS simplifies the IT procurement process by sourcing the best tech, negotiating pricing, and managing suppliers on your behalf. Devices can be configured before delivery, and installed upon arrival. Once in the hands of your end-users, you'll have access to dedicated support, warranty, and end-of-life services.

WTaaS can be applied to a range of workplace technologies, including:

  • End-user laptops and desktops
  • Video conferencing hardware & Microsoft Teams meeting rooms
  • Unified communications hardware and applications
  • Printers and photocopiers


The Benefits of Workplace Technology as a Service

A better employee experience

In today's modern workplace, employees have high expectations when it comes to technology. They want their work environment to be as seamless and efficient as their personal technology experiences at home. Frustration with outdated or inefficient technology in the workplace can have significant consequences. According to Adobe, nearly half of employees (49%) are likely to consider leaving a job if they are frustrated with the technology they use at work. This statistic highlights the importance of providing employees with the right technology tools and infrastructure to perform their tasks effectively.

By providing employees with technology aligned to their needs, easy and smooth software applications, and improved workflows, you can remove barriers that hinder productivity. When employees have access to technology that allows them to complete tasks more quickly and easily, they are less likely to become frustrated and more likely to feel motivated and engaged in their work.

Providing personalized and customizable technology solutions can help alleviate frustrations, such as customizable desktop settings and software configurations, enhance the user experience and reduces frustrations.


Reduce the time your IT team spend on low-value procurement and deployment tasks

Consider the impact on your IT team. WTaaS frees them from the time-consuming tasks of procuring, installing, and maintaining hardware. One critical task that WTaaS simplifies is the procurement process. Instead of spending valuable time researching and negotiating with various hardware vendors, IT teams can leverage the WTaaS model, which provides a centralized process for acquiring the necessary workplace technologies. Instead, they can focus on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward. Imagine an IT department that's not bogged down by routine maintenance but is instead spearheading innovative projects.

Predictable IT expenditure and easier cash flow management

Financially, WTaaS makes sense too. Traditional replacement projects often involve significant upfront costs, causing financial burdens or constraints on cash flow. However, the subscription-based model of WTaaS allows for per-user/per-device/per-room monthly costs. This predictability enables businesses to plan and allocate resources more effectively, knowing exactly what to expect in terms of expenses. This approach reduces the likelihood of sudden financial shocks or the need to dip into cash funds to cover unexpected new hire costs, and replacement or upgrade expenses.

Align hardware purchases with overall IT strategy

IT strategy encompasses the long-term goals, objectives, and plans related to technology adoption and utilization. If this strategy fails to embrace the shift towards 'as a service' models like WTaaS, it can hinder the successful implementation of such solutions.

As a result, you may continue to follow traditional IT practices, relying heavily on in-house infrastructure and services. You might invest in purchasing and maintaining their own hardware, software, and systems, which could be costly and time-consuming.

Strategically, WTaaS aligns with the modern IT approach of moving towards 'as a service' models. You can easily adjust your workspace resources based on factors such as workforce size, project demands, or changing market conditions. Whether it's adding more virtual desktops, expanding storage capacity, or increasing collaboration tools, WTaaS allows your businesses to adapt to your technology infrastructure quickly.

Outsource the support of your workplace technology

As mentioned in point 2, your IT team are a valuable and expensive resource. Their time is better spent on growth initiatives rather than low-value tasks. With any workplace technology, comes an array of support issues. Printer jam or run out of toner, videoconferencing systems decide to stop working, and laptops experience hardware failures. When the worst happens, access to timely assistance to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently is critical. By outsourcing the support for your workplace technology, your IT team can avoid disruptions to their ongoing projects. And your end-users can access the resolution they need via experts.


Let's transform your IT procurement process

Interested in easy IT procurement? Try Workplace Technology as a Service (WTaaS). Avoid upfront costs, get all your IT needs covered for a monthly fee. Curious? Reach out to us, we'd love to chat.