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7 Essential Tips to Help Your Employees Protect Their Online Privacy

As October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it's an opportune time to spotlight the importance of online privacy, especially in the workplace. With the digital landscape..

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What is a Zero-Day Attack and How Can You Prevent One?

There are many ways a business's security can be breached, and it's the company's job to protect itself from these threats. This is important not only to meet legal requirements..

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9 Common Types of Phishing Attacks and How to Spot Them

Phishing attacks are among the most common threats that companies face. 83% of businesses have experienced phishing attacks in the past. And 36% of data breaches involve phishing...

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Businesswoman looking at a computer screen.

Why Humans Are the Biggest Risk in Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are on the rise. Every year, we see a rise in the number and complexity of cyber threats. From malware and ransomware to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks..

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4 Problems With Traditional IT Procurement

Ever wondered if there's a better way to procure IT hardware for your business? Procuring IT hardware can be a massively time-consuming process that comes with heavy cash flow..

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How to Effectively Set Up Your Office for Video Meetings

With the continued dominance of hybrid work structures and a steady return to the office, video meetings are ever-present in our lives. According to Crestron, 84% of meetings have..

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What To Do When Microsoft Teams Doesn't Work With Your VC Hardware?

When COVID-19 hit, you went full-on work-from-home mode. Depending on how remote-ready you were, you may have moved to Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet and Zoom for the first..

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How to Make Multi-Site Printer Management Easy

Do you need to manage printers across different locations? No matter what kind of business you're in, supporting end-user technology across multiple sites can be tricky. Whether..

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View of an office building in the evening with the lights on

Returning To The Office? It's Time To Review Your Workplace Technology

It can feel like the dark time of COVID and lockdowns were long ago, but in reality, many businesses are still gradually returning to offices around the country. With hybrid work,..

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9 Benefits Of Moving To Serverless Printing

Your business no longer needs print servers. What?!! The real game changer in the world of printing isn't a new speed or feature that no one will ever use, it's serverless..

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