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Hands of a man in a suit scanning a document on a printer

9 Benefits Of Moving To Serverless Printing

Your business no longer needs print servers. What?!! The real game changer in the world of printing isn't a new speed or feature that no one will ever use, it's serverless..

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How To Create Inclusive Video Meetings In Your Workplace

Have you ever been in a meeting that felt more like a boardroom battle than a constructive gathering of team members? We've all been there. Unfortunately, the rise in prominence..

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Why Your Business Should Ditch Your Print Servers

Okay, let's talk print servers. Your print server is the traffic controller of all your print jobs. They manage print queues and direct the flow of print jobs from an end-user's..

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4 Things You Need From Your Managed Print Service

You've probably worked with half a dozen managed print service providers over your career. You probably only remember the name of the provider if they were downright awful and you..

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